A running log of fizzy drinks I’ve tried + a short review on each!

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From newest to oldest (for the most part):

Name Date Score Notes
Barr Cherryade
Barr Cherryade
11 June 2023 6/10 This one will be out of sequence as I initially forgot to take a picture before binning the can. Anyway, the Cherryade is extremely sweet. The sweetest and most artificial fizzy drink I’ve ever had. However, I did enjoy it. But it would be much nicer if the sweetness was toned down a little – it’s too much at the moment.
Dr Pepper Vanilla Float
Dr Pepper Vanila Float
16 June 2023 1/10 I vaguely remember being introduced to a can of Dr Pepper by a friend of mine and me absolutely loving it, but that was the original. We’re talking about the Vanilla Float version here, and it is BAD. It has a very weird artificial aftertaste and the overall flavour just isn’t right. I have no idea what it is trying to be or what it even is. I just know that I’ll never be purchasing this again!
Barr Shandyade
Barr Shandyade
09 June 2023 5/10 Being a big fan of cider, my expectations were set high for this one. Unfortunately, the taste leans more towards cola than an authentic shandy, which was disappointing. However, I must admit that the drink as a whole wasn’t too bad. It had redeeming qualities. Nevertheless, I won’t be purchasing another can of these in the future.
Barr Limeade
Barr Limeade
08 June 2023 7/10 As to be expected, it’s very citrusy; it’s quite similar to Sprite in many ways. However, despite me not disliking it, I wouldn’t choose it over some of Barr’s other offerings.

A running log of ciders I’ve tried + a short review on each!

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