Akko V3 Cream Blue

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Switch Specifications:

Switch Type: Tactile
Mount Type: Plate Mount
Travel Distance: 2.0mm Actuation | 3.5mm Total
Force: 38g Operating | 58g Bottom-out
Price: $8.99 (45 pieces)

The Akko V3 Cream Blue is part of Akko’s ultra-low cost switch line-up coming in at $8.99 for 45 switches, or roughly £0.20 per switch! I previously looked at the Cream Yellow – the linear counterpart which you can read here.

Here’s the video review if you prefer watching content:

DISCLAIMER | Please Read:

These switches were sent by Akko for review and testing purposes. I was NOT PAID in any way to write this review. Impartiality will always be a top priority here at KeebWorks; this one included.


If you’re looking for a switch with a high tactility to price ratio – this is the one you should buy! I don’t know of any other switch that come close apart from the Kailh BOX Royal, but that switch has a few issues.

Smoothness: 9/10

On-centre keypresses are ultra, buttery smooth with basically zero scratchiness from what I can feel. It’s perfect.

Off-centre keypresses are also very smooth with only very minor scratchiness during very slow keypresses, but apart from that, it’s an amazingly smooth switch that rival contactless based switches – Yes, it’s that good.

Overall, if smoothness is what you’re looking for, this is a must buy! And especially so for the price… if you can find it in stock that is.

Akko V3 Cream Blue switch disassembled
Akko V3 Cream Blue switch disassembled.

Weighting: 9/10

According to Akko, these switches have a tactile force of 53g at 0.5mm, an actuation force of 38g at 2.0mm and total travel of 3.5mm.

This is very similar to an already existing Akko switch, the Lavender Purple. The main difference between the two is the total travel. The Lavender Purple has more traditional 4mm total travel. It is otherwise the same switch with some minor refinements.

Now, as it is essentially the same switch as the Lavender Purple, the overall weighting is also pretty much the same, but these feel a bit more refined and a little more consistent. And just like the Lavender Purple, the force curve makes it seem as if these switches are on the lighter side, but they don’t feel light at all.

Overall, this would be something I’d be perfectly happy using as an everyday switch purely based on its weighting. The refinement and consistency are also very much appreciated.

Sound: 7/10

It has the Akko Clack as I like to call it – their signature sound. Of course, not everyone will be into it, but I do prefer the clack over the more popular thocc after all.
Although, unlike the linear counterpart, these sound noticeably louder even though they’re made of the same materials and are using the same 18mm Extension Spring.

Overall, they’re not the best, but I do like them. Though, it could do with some more clack.

Typing Performance: 8/10

Compared to its closest rival in the price department, the Gateron Brown… uhhh, yeah, the Cream Blue wins, obviously.
But on a more serious note, the tactility isn’t as snappy as the Feker/Holy Panda or the Boba U4T. However, those switches are also much more expensive, especially the Holy Panda. In fact, even “cheap” Feker Panda switches are over twice the price at 50p per switch.
Performance wise though, I really liked them. They were pleasant, responsive, reliable and consistent throughout testing which I will always appreciate, especially for an entry-level switch. And yes, the weighting wasn’t too light nor too heavy which is heavily reflected in its score.

Overall, weighting and consistency goes a long way, and these switches are pretty close to nailing those aspects. There’s not a single major negative I can come up with that I haven’t already mentioned. These are that good.

Gaming Performance: 8/10

Most tactile switches I test out in gaming aren’t the greatest as their tactility “disappears” under fast-paced gameplay, but these switches somehow manage to maintain some of their tactility even when the going gets tough.

With that said, these make for the perfect gaming switches for slower-paced titles. So, if you’re a fan of tactile switches for any sort of gaming. The Cream Blue is a very appealing option if you can find them in stock.

However, just like with all tactile switches when gaming, these do also “lose” their tactility under very fast and intense gameplay, but I could still rely on them unlike other tactile switches.

Overall, this is a switch that I would recommend to someone looking for an actual tactile switch that is usable for all sorts of gaming scenarios. It’s such a fun switch to game with!

Final Score = 41/50 (82%)


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Akko V3 Cream Yellow

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4 thoughts on “Akko V3 Cream Blue”

  1. I bought these based on your review. And I’m so glad I did. They are so tactile and great to type on. Thank you for reviewing them!

  2. Would you say these are the current bang for buck tactiles rn? At $13.99 for 45, that’s dumb cheap in comparison to others

  3. I fixed up my old Tecware Phantom with these and honestly, bravo to Akko. Stock performance is pretty good but I noticed that some switches ping and scratch more than others. After opening them up and adding some 205g0 (none on the legs of course), they get even better, going up against the Bobas and Drop Pandas. For the 0.19 per switch (including shipping) that I paid for them, I think they might be the best budget tactile switches on the market as of right now especially since they work with Outemu sockets.

  4. I built a keyboard with these about a month ago, and they feel amazing! I was honestly waiting for your review, but I needed to complete the build so I compared them against the Lavenders and just went for it. What a great choice! Going to use it on my next build as well. For the price, these can’t be beat. Akko seems to be doing great in the budget area, and combined with Keychron’s wide variety of board layouts and prices, it’s good to be a keyboard builder!


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