Corsair K70 RGB

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Keyboard Specifications:
Dimensions in cm (Width x Depth x Height): 44 x (21 with wristrest, 16.5 without) x (2.5 with feet both extended, 3.0 not extended)
Weight: 1.3 kg

In short, it underperforms for a $169 keyboard. Here’s an option from Leopold for $45 less. It has no RGB lights and dedicated media controls, but I’d still take the Leopold if you asked me.

Here’s the video review if you prefer watching content:

Build Quality: 7/10

THE GOOD POINTS: This is definitely the strongest point. Its better built board compared to a Razer or a Logitech, but not by a huge percentage.
THE BAD POINTS: It can’t hold a candle to brands like Filco and Leopold. Those brands hold top marks in this category.

Corsair K70 RGB aluminium frame.
Corsair K70 RGB keycaps.
Discolored aluminium base only after 2 years of use.
The K70’s thin laser ablated ABS keycaps.

Features: 7/10

THE GOOD POINTS: You surprisingly get a lot. RGB lighting, dedicated media controls with a volume rocker, windows lock button, thick braided cables, a detachable wrist rest and a polling rate switch.
THE BAD POINTS: The keycaps are made of thin laser-engraved ABS plastic that shine over time. This keyboard used to be my daily driver for 2 years and it already has some shine in some keys…which look horrible. The wrist rest, whilst adequate…feels cheap and flimsy sometimes. It’s also disappointing to see to not see a single USB passthrough for such an expensive board.

Corsair K70 RGB Media Controls.
Corsair K70 RGB iCUE Software.
Dedicated media controls along with a Windows Lock and a brightness level button.
Corsair iCUE software showing real-time changes to the keyboard.

Daily Performance: 4/10

THE GOOD POINTS: The board held up great with no major issues. My ESC key has developed a small dent on the side when I removed it for the first time; this doesn’t affect the performance of the board at all.
THE BAD POINTS: The main dealbreaker is the switch. They just aren’t great for daily use. Do at least try out all the switches this board comes with, but I don’t recommend Cherry MX Browns to anyone.

Corsair K70 RGB keycaps shine.
Ugly keycaps shine.

Reliability: 3/10

THE GOOD POINTS: Everything works great for the first year or two.
THE BAD POINTS: Longevity isn’t the strong suit of this board. My “w” and “+=” keys have started to chatter quite noticeably (hence why I don’t use it anymore). The lighting has also been degrading. The RGB lights have also shown a different color to what you have selected. I can’t see myself keeping this board any longer; I will probably sell it after this.

Corsair K70 RGB broken LEDs.
Some LEDs have burnt out. All the keys are supposed to be the same pink color, but some appear to be light green, with the ESC key showing purple.

Value: 2/10

This is a good example of a “bad” value product. Because why buy this when there are better and options on the market. This would be a stupid purchase if bought new; there are plenty of used examples on eBay that can be had for less than £80 in some cases.

Final Score = 46/100


Places to purchase this keyboard:

eBay | Amazon (K70 MK.2)


Cherry MX Brown

TTC Gold V2 Brown


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