Jixian Blue

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Switch Specifications:
Clicky | [unknown travel] | [unknown actuation] | Plate Mount (known) | [unknown prices]

The Jixian Blue appears to be a clone of the Cherry MX Blue. In this case, it’s a rather poor clone as it’s notably higher pitched, less tactile and more rattily to type on. It’s a good thing this switch went under the radar for most people.

Here’s the video review if you prefer watching content:

Smoothness: 4/10

On-centre keypresses are relatively smooth, but off-centre keypresses are very scratchy. It’s almost identical to the MX Blue in this regard. Jixian should’ve gone with a different material, or perhaps, added a bit lube.

Weighting: 5/10

I find the weighting to be a little light, but as with most switches, I got used to it very quickly. I would still prefer a heavy switch option here. I’m not sure on the exact numbers of its weighting, but since it’s a Cherry MX Blue clone, I assume it to be around the 45-55g range. Really though, it’s not that bad if you’re used to modern clicky MX clones.

Sound: 2/10

It’s horrible! I thought MX Blues sounded bad, but no. Apparently, Jixian has decided to take up a notch to make these switches sound EVEN MORE PLASTICKY and EVEN MORE HIGH PICTHED! As if I MX Blues weren’t horrible enough. There’s also a good amount of switch rattle, especially in the stabilized keys making them sound even worse. Please stay far away from this.

Typing Performance: 5/10

Sound aside, its typing performance is average at least. The tactile bump seems to just be above the half-way point of the entire switch travel, and it feels to have a 4mm travel like the MX Blue. Although, you can really feel and hear the ‘cheapness’ of the switch because of their rattle. This tells us that they aren’t very well constructed. So, they may not last very long in comparison.

Gaming Performance: 3/10

These were obviously never built to give you any advantages for gaming. In fact, these switches feel much worse to game on compared to the MX Blue.

Firstly, the much higher-pitched nature of the switch becomes annoying in quieter areas of a game e.g. stealth games. Having a loud clicky switch in the background ruins the experience. Yes, even with headphones on. These switches penetrate right through the noise cancelling and its annoying.

Secondly, since the upstroke of the switch is quite scratchy it can sometimes be difficult to be consistent with your movements in game. Again, this becomes distracting once in a while. Although, if you’re playing faster paced games like TF2, it’s no big deal.

Finally, I mentioned this in the Daily Performance of the keyboard review portion, but I’ll mention it again. There is a weird issue when pressing multiple keys at the same time with the RGB turned off or in the lowest setting. Key presses sometimes don’t register which is disappointing in a ‘gaming’ keyboard. Sometimes simple commands like CTRL + S or ALT + TAB won’t register. Keep the RGB on max if you want to avoid this issue. It’s weird, I know.

Final Score = 19/50 (38%)


Places to purchase this switch:

Nowhere! At least I don’t know of any reliable vendors for this switch. You can be thankful.


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  1. Marvo uses them in their cheap “mechanical” keyboards. They aren’t bad for the most part but after a few months the switches start having problems with responsiveness and don’t register presses. NOT for serious gamers.

  2. I kept raving about mechanical keyboards so a friend of mine bought a $20 one amazon where the listing wouldn’t even say what class of switch it had. I asked this friend to take off the keycap to take a look and it was these. They said they like, so I can’t fault them for that but thank goodness the board is advertised as hotswappable becuase I MIGHT also be sending them better versions

  3. i have person experience with this switch and can say that the spring ping is also very bad in this switch and agree with the bad rating


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