Kailh Speed Gold

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Switch Specifications:

Switch Type: Clicky
Mount Type: PC Mount
Travel Distance: 1.4mm Actuation | 3.5mm Total
Force: 50g Operating
Stem Length (mm): 13.62
Price: $31.00 (110 pieces) on Kailh

The Kailh Speed Gold is a clicky speed switch designed for gaming. It is one of the very few clicky gaming switches to exist.

Here’s the video review if you prefer watching content:


The higher actuation point makes it more ideal for those who prioritises gaming over typing, but still need or want a clicky switch for when work has to be done.

Smoothness: 6/10

On-centre keypresses are extremely smooth with no hints of scratchiness or inconsistencies for the majority of the switches. It’s as close to perfection as you can get.

Off-centre keypresses exhibit noticeable scratchiness at slower keypresses, but it isn’t substantial enough that would greatly affect the overall typing experience.

Overall, its smoothness is definitely slightly above average and could be further improved with a light lube application if desired.

Kailh Speed Gold switch disassembled
Kailh Speed Gold switch disassembled.

Weighting: 6/10

According to Kailh, these switches have an actuation force of 50g at 1.4mm, a peak tactile force of 60g, and a total travel of 3.5mm.

In the real world, the switches perform as per the specifications. I really like the weighting as it sits in my preference sweet spot. In my opinion, the overall weighting is the best aspect of the switch.

However, its inconsistency is rather lacklustre in comparison. Some switches are slightly heavier than others making typing on them less predictable.

Overall, whilst I’m a big fan of the overall weighting, its inconsistency issues outweigh its upsides. If Kailh sorted them out, I’d give them an easy recommendation. As it stands however, that hasn’t happened.

Sound: 3/10

It’s a click jacket switch – if you know, you know.

However, for those not in the know, click jacket switches are notorious for sounding unrefined and plasticky compared to their newer click bar counterpart such as in the Kailh BOX White. The Kailh Speed Gold is no exception to that rule, sadly.

Overall, even though you would be gaming and not focusing on its soundtrack, its sound is still the least likable thing about them.

Kailh Speed Gold stem length
The Kailh Speed Gold stem length is 13.62 mm.

Typing Performance: 5/10

Firstly, given they’re inconsistent, it fairly easy to mis-type or to miss keypresses entirely. They’re quite unreliable in this sense and correcting mistakes was very common practise with them. Despite them being marketed as “speed switches”, it’s rather difficult to type fast on them with decent accuracy.

Secondly, the key feel is mushy at times. I’m not 100% sure why this is, but I’ve never been a fan of its short, but noticeable pre-travel. It’s a feeling I’ve disliked since typing on them and I wish it was more refined.

Lastly, whilst it is cool to see a clicky gaming switch (something you don’t see every day); it doesn’t really work well for any kind of heavy typing tasks. These switches aren’t suited for writing, programming or any kind of data entry workloads. They’re clicky switch for the sake of being clicky, and not for actually being any good as a typist switch. It’s a gaming switch first and typing switch second.

Overall, these are weird switches. They’re not exactly for typists or for hardcore gamers. They sit in an undefined middle ground where the type of person buying this is someone who wants or needs an advantage playing competitive games, but is also looking for a “typist” switch when it comes to doing any work.

Gaming Performance: 6/10

As previously mentioned in the above section, this is a gaming switch first, a typing switch second. So, how do they perform here?

They were reasonably smooth in slow-paced games posing little to no issues here (unless you count the god-awful clicking in the background).

However, they exhibited noticeable binding during off-centre keypresses which led to inconsistent key feel in faster paced games. Although, just like with slower paced games, they performed decently overall.

Additionally, I preferred the much higher actuation point in this instance which I understand is an unusual statement given I’m usually against this, but Kailh somehow managed to do a good enough job for me to mention this.

Overall, it’s not going to replace a regular linear or tactile switch, but it’s a decent performer nonetheless if you’re one of the very few people that need a clicky gaming switch.

Final Score = 26/50 (52%)


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