Outemu Brown

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Switch Specifications:
Tactile | 4.00mm | 60g Bottom-Out Force | Plate Mount | ~£0.48 per switch

Outemu Brown switches have a decent tactile bump, with the tactile event peaking at 1.2mm at 53g. It’s a touch better than Cherry MX Browns in every regard, but they’re not as smooth as Gateron Browns, though, Outemu Browns more tactile than both. However, why choose between those three when Greetech Browns exist for not much more?

Here’s the video review if you prefer watching content:

Smoothness: 5/10

On-centre keypresses are relatively smooth, but off-centre keypresses (which happen more often) are quite scratchy. So, unless you’re a perfect typist, you’ll experience even a little bit of scratchiness. Then again, at least beats the Cherry MX Browns.

Outemu Brown switch disassembled
Outemu Brown switch disassembled

Weighting: 5/10

As the peak tactile force is over 50g (53g to be exact), it’s heavier than Cherry MX Browns which is a significant improvement in my taste. I like it, although, the overall switch is still a touch too light for me to really love it. It doesn’t get past the average mark.

Sound: 5/10

I’m not sure if its just me, but I do like the sound of these switches compared to the other Brown clones I’ve tested. It sounds a little ‘thockier’, a big plus! Perhaps, it’s a placebo effect? I’m not sure, but they’ll still get a 5/10.

Typing Performance: 6/10

Now with the tactile bump being more noticeable, typing feels more defined. Whilst its tactility isn’t as sharp as switches like Greetech Browns or BOX Royals, it’s still a nice switch to type on, just don’t expect to be blown away.

Gaming Performance: 6/10

For once, a brown switch clone that I actually feel comfortable using for gaming. It’s tactile when you’re in stealth mode and linear when you’re running like a madman when you’re caught by the enemy. Though, it’s more linear feeling 80% of the time. It still offers a fair balance, but I wish the tactility was a tad bit sharper.

Final Score = 27/50 (54%)


Places to purchase this switch:



Gateron Brown

Razer BlackWidow (2010)


2 thoughts on “Outemu Brown”

  1. I recently got a redragon k530 and it has these switches and ill be honest they sound and feel amazing after i clipped the stabs and foam modded it.

  2. Really good review; informative, descriptive and simple to understand! I’m considering buying a Redragon Dark Avenger with these switches as my first mech, and based on your review they are pretty good for a starter keyboard! Thank you for making this awesome review, and I’m looking forward to seeing more switches on this website! 😀


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