About Us

KeebWorks aims to deliver various topics on the keyboard industry, mainly focusing on mechanical keyboards, switches and typing demonstrations on YouTube.

I don’t claim to be the perfect unbiased source. All reviews, guides and other information include my own opinion. However, I strive to offer consistent information including facts and figures I gather during testing and cross-checking these with other reliable sources that I may find. I will convey this information as clearly as I can to achieve a steady level of accuracy and reliability. Having worked as a product curator and reviewer in the past, I believe these are the most important aspects worth considering when creating reviews and buyer’s guides. Consistency is 🔑

The Mission

Meet The Creator

The website creator next to a giraffe

My name is 'Jay' and next to me is my pet giraffe (no really, believe me). I’m the only contributor here at the time of writing, and everything from the web design to the reviews have all been completed by me.

The idea of this site came to fruition when I realized the lack of dedicated mechanical keyboard sites around. I wanted a 'full package site' that would cover everything from the shiny new releases to forgotten vintage keyboards of the past. And here we are.

Unfortunately, I don’t have my first mechanical keyboard anymore - The Cooler Master Quick Fire TK with Cherry MX Browns . I now use all kinds of keyboards to keep things spicy.

I'm fairly new to the mechanical keyboard world having only started in 2017. Now, I have amassed a collection of keyboards and switches ranging from typical office rubber domes to weird and obscure artifacts of the unknown. Either way, I am positive on the outlook of the market and I look forward to seeing new innovations in the keyboard industry over the coming years.

For any inquiries, don’t hesitate to email me at: admin@keebworks.com