Gateron Clear

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Switch Specifications:

Switch Type: Linear
Mount Type: PCB Mount
Travel Distance: 2.0mm Actuation | 4.0mm Total
Force: 35g Operating | 50g Bottom-out
Price: ~£4.00 (10 pieces)

The Gateron Clear is an extremely light linear switch with an operating force of 35g and bottom-out force of 50g!
It’s definitely a unique switch, but not exactly in a good way.

Here’s the video review if you prefer watching content:

Smoothness: 6/10

On-centre keypresses are decently smooth for most switches with very little scratchiness throughout.

Off-centre keypresses are a little scratchier with some inconsistencies. The switch installed in my “P” key was the scratchiest whilst the switch installed in my “A” key was the smoothest. There is a distinct difference in smoothness between the two, but it was minor. The rest of the switches were average at best.

Overall, as expected from Gateron for their linear clone switches – they’re smooth, but not quite top tier.

Gateron Clear switch disassembled
Gateron Clear switch disassembled.

Weighting: 4/10

One of the worst aspects of the Clear switch is its weighting. It’s extremely light with an actuation of 35g and a bottom-out force of 50g, guaranteeing a very uncomfortable typing experience for most people.

As for me, I was making approximately 1 typo for every 5 words as the switches were just too light. I guess I should be glad my backspace key worked throughout my test period.

Overall, unless for some reason you find regular ‘Red’ switches to be too heavy, stay away from these. Seriously.

Sound: 7/10

Sound is pretty good.

Again, as a reminder, I’m testing on a new, better keyboard. So, no big surprises here.

Now, the fact that the switches are smooth also helps with this. However, for the most part – at least for a good while, all you’ll just be hearing is bottom-out sound as you’ll probably be bottoming-out every single keypress with these switches.

At least they sound good. No complains here. Let’s move on.

Typing Performance: 4/10

Personally, I judge typing performance based on smoothness, weighting and sound, with a large portion being dedicated to weighting, because as for me, that’s what I am most sensitive to.

Now, I’m sure with some more practise I can probably get used to typing on these. However, throughout my testing, I’ve made far too many typos as the switches were just too easy to actuate.

Overall, they are smooth, good sounding switches. I can see it being a viable switch for a select few, but I’m definitely not one of those.

Gaming Performance: 3/10

Gaming. Possibly the most painful part throughout my test period.

Now, after a few days, I did eventually get slightly better with them, but not in the same level as with a heavier switch.

However, even after 2 weeks of constant use, I still press keys unintentionally. I found myself crouching, strafing and jumping when not intended. Additionally, I tend to ‘lean’ on the switches when gaming as it’s I’m used to doing which obviously didn’t help. So, yes, it’s still barely unusable for any type of gaming.

Overall, not recommended. Avoid at all cost (unless it’s for experimental purposes).

Final Score = 24/50 (48%)


Places to purchase this switch:

AliExpress | Mechboards | NovelKeys


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4 thoughts on “Gateron Clear”

  1. Im a beast gamer on the pro level in FPS games with these smooth, buttery, beauties. Finger fatigue is non-existent .

  2. I really gotta disagree with you on this one. This review makes it seem like this switch is bad from a neutral standpoint although it just really comes down to preference. I personally absolutely love my clears especially because they are so light. If you got light fingers these switches might be perfect for you. Gaming on these can be an absolute breeze if you like lightweight switches, typing as well


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