Gazzew Boba U4T (62g)

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Switch Specifications:

Switch Type: Tactile
Mount Type: PCB Mount
Force: 62g Bottom-out
Price: ~£12.30 (10 pieces)

The Gazzew Boba U4T is one of the most sought-after tactile switches in the custom mechanical keyboard world. It comes in 4 common variants – RGB and opaque housings with both offering a 62 and a 68g spring weighting. Although, this review will mainly focus on the 62g opaque housing.

Here’s the video review if you prefer watching content:

Smoothness: 8/10

On-centre keypresses are extremely smooth with almost no scratchiness present even when pressing slowly. This means that during typing, scratchiness is non-existent.

Off-centre keypresses are also smooth, though some switches do show hints of scratchiness here and there, especially with the switch installed in my “M” key which happens to be the scratchiest switch on my board. Though, the rest are very smooth.

Overall, I highly recommend these to anyone looking for a consistently smooth switch. Top stuff from Outemu here. I’m impressed.

Gazzew Boba U4T switch disassembled
Gazzew Boba U4T switch disassembled.

Weighting: 10/10

According to Gazzew, these switches have a bottom-out force of 62g. Although, as mentioned above, they also come in a 68g weighting.

Now, I can’t say anything about the 68g weighting, but the 62g version feels perfectly weighted. It reminds me a little of the Cherry MX Clear – a switch I also deemed very highly of. However, the U4T is significantly more tactile.

Additionally, unlike the MX Clear, these do not have any pre-travel meaning the tactile bump is right at the top of the keypress. I usually tend to prefer these and that is the case here.

Overall, perfect…at least for me. Though, I can see this being a little too heavy for some, especially those who are used to Cherry MX Browns or similar. It’s definitely more on the heavier side of things.

Sound: 8/10

Sound is an interesting one. At one hand, its not as thoccy as I expected given that the letter “T” in the name stands for “extra Thocccc” according to

On the other hand, I also wouldn’t describe it as a “clacky” per se; it’s a sound signature in-between the two, but it is closer to being a clacky switch than a thoccy one.

Overall, they sound absolutely great. I think with some modifications, you can easily make them sound the way you want them to be.

Typing Performance: 8/10

These were an absolute beast when typing! They’re pretty much spot-on with the weighting, and they’re also extremely smooth during normal, everyday typing. Plus, I would consider the tactility to be up there with the Durock T1…in fact, slightly better in most cases.

However, it does have 1 BIG downside and that is switch chattering. This applies to my spacebar key the most and sometimes to my backspace key too…talk about frustration!

Now, this issue wasn’t super noticeable during the first few days, but it became more and more apparent from day 4 onwards, especially with the spacebar key and I have no reason why. A bad batch, maybe? Who knows?

All I’ll say is this: I expected better quality control from both Gazzew and Outemu. Just remember, these are considered “high-end” switches with the price point to match. I would expect issues like this from a budget or even a mid-tier level switch, but at the high-end? This is unacceptable.

Overall, despite the one issue, they’re great to type on if you’re into heavier, more tactile switches. And at this point, if I had to choose an MX based tactile switch, these would be it, but steer away if you like lighter switches, because these definitely aren’t that.

Gaming Performance: 7/10

I can feel that these are not the switches I would be grabbing if I wanted to have a long gaming session. They’re just a little too tactile when playing fast-paced games like Team Fortress 2 or osu! However, the tactility didn’t bother me at all for slower paced games. Still, I wouldn’t choose these for any gaming sessions.

The one thing they’re very consistent at is: Smoothness. And yes, these switches do deliver that. A smooth gaming experience. You won’t be disappointed, even at stock.

Overall, these are far from the worst gaming switches I’ve tried. In fact, they’re a good option for gaming if you really love your heavy, actually tactile switches, but I wouldn’t place them near the top for this category.

Final Score = 41/50 (82%)


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