Greetech Black

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Switch Specifications:

Switch Type: Linear
Mount Type: Plate Mount
Travel Distance: 2.1mm Actuation | 3.9mm Total
Force: 56g Operating | 78g Bottom-out
Price: ~£4.95 (10 pieces)

The Greetech Black is a relatively unknown medium stiff Cherry MX Black linear switch clone. The Greetech Black is amongst the heaviest switch of the clones. It’s also the closest to the MX Black spec wise.

Here’s the video review if you prefer watching content:

Smoothness: 5/10

On-centre keypresses are mostly decent. Although, there is a noticeable range of switches that feel fairly smooth whilst others feel quite scratchy. So, there are some inconsistencies at play here.

Off-centre keypresses are in the same vein as on-centre keypresses where some switches feel smooth, and others feel scratchy.

Overall, there are inconsistencies present in my batch, although for some folks, this may not even be a dealbreaker. It’s definitely worth thinking about if this is a big priority to you.

Greetech Black switch disassembled
Greetech Black switches disassembled.

Weighting: 6/10

The switch actuates at 56g at 2.1mm and bottoms out at 78g at 3.9mm of total travel. It’s almost identical to an MX Black, although I like the weighting of the MX Black a little more. Something about these Greetech switches feel a bit “off”, I can’t describe it, but I know I don’t like it as much compared to the MX Black.

Overall, the weighting is very comparable to an MX Black. For some, it could even be difficult to tell which is which. It’s still decently weighted switch that I would highly recommend to others.

Sound: 5/10

Sound is average. It sounds just like any of the other black switches you’d come across. It definitely has the potential to sound better with some mods, but I wouldn’t bother if I were you.

Typing Performance: 6/10

I’d put typing performance in the ‘above average’ category, and that’s mainly because of the weighting. It’s overall a decent switch to type on if you’re a fan of medium stiff linear switches. Although, I’d stay clear of this one if this is what you’re looking for in a switch.

Gaming Performance: 5/10

This switch compared to the other MX black clones suffers in fast paced gaming situations. One of those reasons is the inconsistencies with the switches when it comes to smoothness – this makes it hard to sometimes ‘stay in the flow’ when gaming. The other reason is the heavier than usual weighting which will tire you out much quicker. Although, this is ideal in some games.

Overall, I wouldn’t go for these in gaming. I’d rather go for the Gateron Black which is a slightly lighter, smoother and more predictable switch.

Final Score = 27/50 (54%)


Places to purchase this switch:

AliExpress | Greetech | Mechanical Keyboards


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