Greetech Red

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Switch Specifications:

Switch Type: Linear
Mount Type: Plate Mount
Travel Distance: 2.3mm Actuation | 4mm Total
Force: 47g Operating | 66g Bottom-out
Price: ~£4.20 (10 pieces)

The Greetech Red is a light linear Cherry MX Red clone switch with the force curve graphs very closely matching between the two switches: Greetech Red | Cherry MX Red . The Greetech Red actuates at a lighter 47g and at a further distance of 2.3mm compared to the 49g and the 2.1mm of the MX Red. The Greetech Red is also available at a lower price coming in around £4.00 per switch, making them more competitive with other MX Red clones.

Here’s the video review if you prefer watching content:

Smoothness: 5/10

On-centre keypresses are relatively smooth with a few hints of scratchiness present in the key travel in most switches.

Off-centre keypresses are scratchier with many of the switches exhibiting a small, but noticeable tactile event at the very bottom of the travel. However, in 95% of uses cases, these are unnoticeable. Small amounts of lube should make these smoother.

Greetech Red switches disassembled
Greetech Red switches disassembled.

Weighting: 6/10

The switch actuates at 47g at 2.3mm and bottoms out 66g at 4mm which is very similar to the MX Red. Greetech did an awesome job cloning the MX Red to perfection.

Whilst the difference is minor compared to other clones, I find the extra few grams to make small, but appreciable difference. I didn’t make as many typing errors and find the weighting to be decent. I’m not sure why, but I like the weighting of these compared to all the other clones. I can’t quite put my finger as to why though…weird. Although, it’s still not my ideal weighting, especially when it comes to typing. MX Red users may want to give these a shot to see if you can spot any differences, if any. They are very similar after all.

Sound: 5/10

If you listen closely you can hear some hints of scratchiness, although to most users, this can be ignored. Otherwise, the overall soundtrack is average at best. It’s not horrible nor fantastic.

Typing Performance: 7/10

As I have made less typing mistakes on these compared to the rest of the clones, I’d say the switch is good for typing. It’s a fairly smooth, sensibly weighted and decently priced switch for many users. Think of the Toyota Corolla or the Honda Accord. This is the switch equivalent.

Gaming Performance: 7/10

Gaming on these is a treat. It’s just as good as the other clones (minus the Kailh Red). It’s a nice bonus that these are also a touch heavier. If you need a relatively good switch to replace your MX Red or rubber dome board, you can’t go wrong with these. I’d easily use this as my daily driver if I was on a budget.

Final Score = 30/50 (60%)


Places to purchase this switch:

AliExpress | Mechanical Keyboards | Greetech


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