Kailh BOX Black

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Switch Specifications:

Switch Type: Linear
Mount Type: Plate Mount
Travel Distance: 1.8mm Actuation | 3.6mm Total
Force: 60g Operating
Price: ~£4.50 (10 pieces)

The Kailh BOX Black is a heavy linear switch in the BOX line-up. It is a revised version of the original Kailh Black switch.

Note: My sample is from an early batch and may not be representative of newer batches. Please read or watch the video below with this in mind. Thanks!

Here’s the video review if you prefer watching content:

Smoothness: 6/10

On-centre keypresses aren’t too bad. They’re decently smooth for the most part, but some switches do show their scratchiness.

Off-centre keypresses are a little scratchier and slightly more inconsistent in comparison, but it’s otherwise very similar.

Overall, I’m disappointed to say that compared to the BOX Red these are a little scratchier and a bit more inconsistent; not by much, but enough that is scores 1 point less in this category.

Kailh BOX Black switch disassembled
Kailh BOX Black switch disassembled.

Weighting: 7/10

According to the manufacturer, these switches have an actuation force of 60g at 1.8mm and a total travel of 3.6mm. So, it’s a heavier BOX Red. Nothing surprising.

In terms of the actual key feel they are much heavier for the entire travel compared to the BOX Red, and for me these are weighted pretty nicely. Although, I will say that I did find them to be a little too heavy in the beginning. Still, I’d pick these over the BOX Red any day.

A quick side note, and these may only be an issue with early batches as tested, but these switches show slight weighting inconsistencies when typing quickly, especially when they are pressed-off centre. It’s not something I noticed at first, but it became more and more apparent as I got used to the switch.

Overall, if you’re looking for a Cherry MX Black alternative, this is a really nice choice as they are commonly available and priced lower compared to the MX Black in many markets.

Sound: 6/10

I would describe the sound as reasonably quiet. A little quieter compared to the BOX Red, but that could be because I’m not bottoming-out as often.

Overall, these are decent sounding switches, but just like the BOX Red, these are thin and “empty” sounding. So, if sound is what you’re looking for, feel free to skip these.

Typing Performance: 7/10

Surprisingly, I found these switches to be a little too heavy for the first 24 hours or so and I wasn’t sure why because looking at the specs, these should’ve been close to a perfect switch for me…at least weighting wise…which is what makes up more than half the score in this category.

Although, after day 2, it became a much more comfortable switch to type on, and at this point I preferred it over the BOX Red, but something was still bothering me and I couldn’t figure out why.

It wasn’t until a couple days later (around day 7) when I noticed subtle weighting inconsistencies when typing very quickly, especially when the switches were pressed off-centre. This is probably the main reason as to why it took me longer to be comfortable with these switches.

So, clearly these aren’t perfect switches as I have to press harder than usual to “fight” the weighting inconsistencies. Again, this could be because these are early batches, I’m not sure. All I’m hoping for is that Kailhua resolved this issue with newer batches.

Overall, despite its downsides, I’d still pick these over the BOX Red as weighting is a big deal to me. However, I wish it was more or as just consistent as the BOX Reds…

Gaming Performance: 7/10

Not the absolute worst for gaming if you’re someone who prefers heavier switches, but for me, these are on edge for what I would consider to be a playable switch.

Now, don’t me wrong I like my switches to be on the heavy side, but for gaming, I don’t like them to be too heavy, especially when I’m playing a fast-paced game like Team Fortress 2. However, when it comes to precision type games such as bullet hells, I’ve found that heavier switches a more ideal.

These switches are sort of in the middle. My fingers get tired just after a few hours of intense gaming, but certain times with certain games (as mentioned above), I would be just fine. This is typical heavy linear switch performance, but I happened to notice it more often on these switches.

Overall, these are pleasant to game with, unless you’re into fast-paced games like I am. Also, I didn’t notice the weighting inconsistencies during gaming like I did for typing, so that’s a plus.

Final Score = 33/50 (66%)


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