Kailh BOX Burnt Orange

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Switch Specifications:

Switch Type: Tactile
Mount Type: Plate Mount
Travel Distance: 2.0mm Actuation | 3.6mm Total
Force: 60g Operating | 80g Bottom-out
Price: $10.80 (36 pieces) on NovelKeys

The Kailh BOX Burnt Orange is a heavier Kailh BOX Brown switch and is intended for heavy handed users.

Here’s the video review if you prefer watching content:


They have a very mushy and vague typing feel which led to plenty of typos. Additionally, as they feature the same stem as the Kailh Box Brown (an already light tactile switch to begin with), these aren’t tactile at all (even on slower keypresses), making them useless as a “tactile switch”.

If there was a switch to avoid, it would be these. Seriously, please avoid these.

Smoothness: 4/10

On-centre keypresses aren’t the smoothest, but I wouldn’t quite call them ‘scratchy’ either. However, there are slight inconsistencies between the switches.

Off-centre keypresses are even more inconsistent with more noticeable levels of scratchiness, in both fast and slow keypresses making for a very uncomfortable typing experience.

Overall, the keyword here is inconsistent. I don’t think even the best lube can save these.

Kailh BOX Burnt Orange switch disassembled
Kailh BOX Burnt Orange switch disassembled.

Weighting: 6/10

According to NovelKeys, these switches have an actuation force of 60g at 2.0mm and bottom-out force of 80g at 3.6mm.

In practise, I do actually like the overall weighting, it’s quite nice and comfortable throughout the travel. However, the inconsistency nature of it is much harder to like.

Just like with many Kailh BOX switches, these suffer from unfortunate weighting inconsistencies. Plus, since these are the heavier variants, there probably won’t be an updated version coming out any time soon.

Overall, I like the weighing, but I dislike the weighting inconsistency. If Kailhua was to fix this issue, this would easily be a 7 or even an 8; too bad it has issues bring it down.

Sound: 5/10

Not great, but that’s not surprising considering the circumstances.

Firstly, its scratchy nature tends to present itself every now and then. It personally doesn’t bother me as much, but you may find it detestable.

Secondly, some switches have developed a quiet clicking sound on the up and down strokes. Again, this didn’t bother me as much, but this is another area where these switches show their inconsistencies.

Overall, whilst I don’t love them, I don’t hate them either. They just happened to not be the greatest out there, and that’s okay.

Typing Performance: 4/10

Let’s go through the issues one by one.

Firstly, the tactility is non-existent. This applies for both slow and fast keypresses. I actually had to double check I was typing on the correct switches upon installation – I was that unsure. Also, these are less tactile than Cherry MX Browns. Yes, seriously.

Secondly, the mushiness. These have got to be the mushiest mechanical switch I’ve ever typed on. It’s mushier than some rubber domes I know of! It made for an uncomfortable and unpredictable typing experience as something always felt “off”.

Finally, the scratchiness. This is the least problematic aspect of the switch, but it has to be mentioned as it did annoy me from time to time. And for those who are sensitive to it, I suggest that you find a smoother switch; don’t even think about modifying these, it’s not worth it.

Overall, this isn’t just disappointing for a tactile switch; it’s a disappointing switch as a whole.

Gaming Performance: 5/10

Gaming has very similar issues to typing, although I wouldn’t say it is as bad.

For starters, the scratchiness and inconsistencies were the most problematic aspects as they were the ones that constantly bugged me throughout testing.

Additionally, the overall mushiness really watered-down my gaming experience. It really felt like I wasn’t getting the ‘full’ experience – as if something was missing. Plus, it just wasn’t satisfying to use for any period of time, let alone for a standard gaming session (roughly 2 hours for me).

Overall, I’m unsure why this exists. It isn’t tactile and it isn’t good. It’s lazy and unremarkable.

Final Score = 24/50 (48%)


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