Kailh BOX Jade

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Switch Specifications:

Switch Type: Clicky
Mount Type: Plate Mount
Travel Distance: 1.8mm Actuation | 3.6mm Total
Force: 50g Operating | 65g Bottom-out
Price: $12.24 (36 pieces) on NovelKeys

The Kailh BOX Jade is a heavy clicky switch featuring a thicker click bar and the light spring from the Kailh BOX White for increased tactility. The Kailh BOX Jade is a slightly lighter Kailh BOX Navy switch.

Here’s the video review if you prefer watching content:


The Kailh BOX Jade is for those looking for a heavier Kailh BOX White switch. It’s also for those looking a clicky switch with a more prominent tactile event without the substantial increase in weight that comes with the Kailh BOX Navy.

Additionally, it’s now become one of my favourite clicky switches of all time!

Smoothness: 8/10

On-centre keypresses are ultra-smooth with zero scratchiness or inconsistencies present in any of the switches. It is completely identical to its heavier counter-part, the Kailh BOX Navy.

Off-centre keypresses are more or less the same as the BOX Navy. They show minor inconsistencies at very slow keypresses, but surprisingly, no scratchiness.

Overall, it matches the BOX Navy – it’s one of the smoothest clicky switch I’ve ever used. Very nice.

Kailh BOX Jade switch disassembled
Kailh BOX Jade switch disassembled.

Weighting: 10/10

According to NovelKeys, these switches have an actuation force of 50g at 1.8mm, a peak tactile force of 70g and bottom-out force of 65g at 3.6mm.

In the real world, they feel a little heavy to actuate, but they take less effort to use compared to the BOX Navy as the Jades have a lighter spring – the same ones present on the Kailh BOX White.

However, unlike the BOX White, the Jades feature the same thicker click bar present on the BOX Navy, meaning these Jades are just as sharply tactile, but in a lighter package.

Kailh BOX Jade click bar thickness
Kailh BOX Jade switch click bar thickness.

Additionally, just like BOX Navy, they’re very consistent across the board. I had no issues with scratchiness, binding or switches not returning – a common theme in early production BOX Jades.

Overall, the weighting is prefect for my fingers! It’s a great switch for those looking for a heavier BOX White, but want something lighter than a BOX Navy.

Sound: 7/10

As it’s a click bar switch, it’s also loud and high pitched. And since it features the thicker click bar, it’s also quite a bit louder than the BOX White.

Other than that, the sound is as I described it in my Kailh BOX Pale Blue review.

Overall, it should be obvious by now that I’m on team click bar.

Typing Performance: 10/10

Firstly, before I really get into typing characteristics, I want to address a previously common issue with BOX Jade switches – the sometimes-problematic non-returning key. Now, throughout my testing period, I had no issues with keys not returning. However, it has been reported by some that this is was an issue (especially within the first year of release), though, I haven’t seen a complaint on it recently.

Now, as for its typing characteristics. I love it! This is one of the better, modern switches that exist in the market that I actually loved using. If this were the only switch I could use for the rest of my life, I’d gladly take it. They’re that good in my opinion.

What makes these truly great is the weighting and the sharp tactility. I was quite afraid going from the BOX Navy to the BOX Jade thinking it wouldn’t be as sharply tactile, but that was all for nought as the Jades feature just as sharp of a tactile event as the BOX Navy. GG NovelKeys.

Additionally, given their relative smoothness, consistency and weighting, I was able to comfortably use this switch for countless of hours without much finger fatigue – something I couldn’t quite manage with the BOX Navy due to their heavier weighting.

Overall, I’d consider these perfect typing switches, and I can tell you that not many switches in my collection can hold that title. It truly is an awesome job by both Kailhua and NovelKeys.

Gaming Performance: 8/10

Now, a common theme in clicky switches is that even if they’re great for typing, they’re never quite there when it comes to gaming. This sentiment also applies for the BOX Jade.

Starting positively, I enjoyed using these for many fast-paced games purely for its weighting as the clicking didn’t bother me during gameplay. I’d even go as far as to say that these are the “perfect” clicky switch for fast-paced games if you simply must have a clicky switch for gaming… for some reason.

However, things start to turn downhill when we’re talking about slower-paced games, especially stealth games. The Jades were simply too loud and high-pitched in the background. Sometimes, it would even dominate the game soundtrack which ruins the gameplay experience.

Overall, I wouldn’t select these as a purely gaming switch. But it did perform beautifully throughout my testing and I’d be happy to give them another run with more games.

Final Score = 43/50 (86%)


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