NovelKeys Blueberry

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Switch Specifications:

Switch Type: Tactile
Mount Type: PCB Mount
Travel Distance: 3.0mm Actuation | 4.0mm Total
Force: 55g Operating | 80g Bottom-out
Price: ~£8.00 (10 pieces)

The NovelKeys Blueberry is a tactile switch constructed from the same materials as the NovelKeys Cream switches. However, unlike most tactile switches, Blueberry switches actuate at 3mm due to its long tactile bump.

Here’s the video review if you prefer watching content:

Smoothness: 4/10

On-centre keypresses are quite scratchy with some switches being smoother than others.

Off-centre keypresses are decently scratchy and some are nearing the very scratchy territory. It’s not pleasant when you hit the switches off-centre, it sometimes punishes you for doing so.

Overall, if smoothness is what you’re after, skip these. They aren’t worth it.

NovelKeys Blueberry switch disassembled
NovelKeys Blueberry switch disassembled.

Weighting: 5/10

The weighting is heavy, quite a bit more than the Cherry MX Clear. Both switches bottom-out and actuate at similar forces, but the Blueberry switch has higher tactile peak at roughly 70g instead of 65g, and it has a much longer tactile bump requiring more “work” to push down. Additionally, and strangely, there are 2 tactile bumps! A smaller one at the start of the keypress and the elongated tactile bump which is the main feature of this switch.

Essentially, think of it like this: Using the Cherry MX Clear is like pushing a 1-ton car for 1 meter, but using the NovelKeys Blueberry is like pushing the same 1-ton car, but for 2 meters. Both cars weigh the same, but more work is required to do the latter.

Overall, it’s not a weighting I particularly enjoy typing on, it’s certainly a unique switch, but I wouldn’t recommend it to those who already find the Cherry MX Clear to be too heavy.

Sound: 6/10

Sound is very “clacky”, but I wouldn’t class it as “thocky” in any way. The springs on these switches have quite a bit of resistance making for quite a “metallic upstroke” for a lack of a better term.

Overall, it’s otherwise a decently nice sounding switch.

Typing Performance: 6/10

These are heavy tactile switches. A formula specifically targeted towards me – a Cherry MX Clear lover. However, I have two main gripes about these.

Number One: Whilst I do like the elongated tactile bump, it does introduce scratchiness – a significant amount of it. Not ideal. This is the biggest reason why I dislike these switches.

Number Two: It’s not super obvious, but there are 2 tactile bumps, a smaller one at the start of the keypress, then followed by the main elongated tactility. I’m sure this wasn’t intentional because it feels weird. It’s only something you really notice when you type very slowly, but I wish it wasn’t there at all.

Overall, the switches are decent performers. They remind me of Topre switches in a sense, but not as well put together.

Cherry MX Clear and NovelKeys Blueberry stem comparison
Cherry MX Clear (top) and NovelKeys Blueberry (bottom) stem comparison.

Gaming Performance: 6/10

As heavy as these are, they actually aren’t too bad for gaming, even in fast-paced environments. Then again, I’m a little more used to heavy switches for gaming in general.

These are also great for those looking to rely on tactility, but want a heavier weighted switch compared to the Durock T1 and the Zealio 67g. Though, you have to keep in mind that these are scratchier than those by a significant margin.

Now, with that said, even though I found these to perform decently when gaming, I wouldn’t recommend to most people as the scratchiness alone proved it isn’t the best for predictability during my testing. Add to that a heavy weighting, and you’re looking at a switch not designed for this task. So, unless you really need a heavy tactile switch for gaming, I’d suggest looking at the Durock T1 instead.

Overall, I found it to be decent for gaming, but it’s not a switch designed for it. Even I wouldn’t daily this for gaming alone.

Final Score = 27/50 (54%)


Places to purchase this switch:

AliExpress | Mechboards | KBDfans


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