SP-Star Polaris Grey

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Switch Specifications:

Switch Type: Linear
Mount Type: PCB Mount
Force: 67g Bottom-out
Price: ~£8 (10 pieces)

The SP-Star Polaris Grey is a lesser-known linear switch competing in the upper mid-range space with the likes of the Gateron Black Ink or even the Cherry MX Hyperglide Black; though those are slightly cheaper in most places.

Here’s the video review if you prefer watching content:

Smoothness: 7/10

On-centre keypresses are decently smooth with some noticeable scratchiness when pressed slowly. Although, this cannot be felt when typing at normal speeds.

Off-centre keypresses are quite a bit scratchier with mild to decent levels scratchiness across all switches; the switch installed in my “M” key stood as the scratchiest of the lot. Again though, this cannot be really be felt when normally typing.

Overall, it’s a solid contender that I would recommending to those who are looking for a slightly more upscale Gateron Yellow.

SP-Star Polaris Grey switch disassembled
SP-Star Polaris Grey switch disassembled.

Weighting: 9/10

According to Custom KBD, these switches have a bottom-out force of 67g. There is also a lighter 57g variant known as the Polaris White. Sadly, I couldn’t find any other information on the switches’ actuation force, actuation point or total travel. I didn’t even come across a single force curve.

However, in terms of feel, these switches are extremely nicely weighted and are definitely to my liking. For a linear switch, these are almost perfectly weighting for me. Plus, they’re incredibly consistent too which always helps.

If I had to make a small nit-pick, I do find them a tad bit too light in some edge cases, but it’s a very minor inconvenience for an otherwise perfect switch.

I just wish there was a force curve for me to show as a comparison to other linear switches. (If you know of one, please email contact me).

Overall, this is the sort of weighting I really love! Sure, it’s not perfect, but this is still worthy of a recommendation especially if you’re looking for a slightly heavier Gateron Yellow.

Sound: 7/10

At first, they were quite subdued which I didn’t mind, but after 48 hours of use, they started to become clackier and clackier. I would say these are one of the clackiest linear switches I have ever tested. And yes, I do like they way they sound.

Although, some of the switches like the “Z” key still sound subdued as it doesn’t get used as often as other keys. I suppose they haven’t ‘broken-in’ yet, even after 2 weeks of use.

Overall, there are more plus points than negative ones here. They don’t sound terrible, but they aren’t amazing either. Although, if you don’t like clacky switches, these could disappoint you.

Typing Performance: 9/10

I’m usually not a big fan of linear switches when it comes to typing as I haven’t found any great examples in the past.

However, these Polaris Grey switches do such an excellent job of being typing switches that I actually prefer them to some clicky and tactile switches I’ve looked at in the past. Though, as with many high scoring switches in this category, a big part of that is with the weighting.

Additionally, the overall smoothness and consistency also contribute to its very high score. Honestly, I don’t know why I didn’t bother reviewing these earlier, they great bloody switches!

A small nit-pick as discussed in the weighting section would again be the edge cases where I would experience the switches being too light. Although, with time I can see myself getting used to it.

Overall, I didn’t think I’d find such an amazing linear switch for typing. I absolutely recommend these over the Gateron Yellow any day for typing.

Gaming Performance: 7/10

Gaming with these was pretty good for the most part especially when it came to fast-paced games which isn’t surprising given these are smooth and consistent linear switches.

However, when it came to slower, more precision oriented games, I could feel slight binding and scratchiness both during pre-load (before pressing the switch) and when pressing the switch. This is especially the case in the movements keys (WASD) as it made slower movements less precise and more difficult to execute flawlessly.

Overall, if you tend to play slower paced games, I’d consider picking a different switch. However, for faster or even medium paced games, these are more than adequate.

Final Score = 39/50 (78%)


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