TTC Silent Red

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Switch Specifications:

Switch Type: Linear
Mount Type: Plate Mount
Total travel(mm): ~3.7
Price: ~£5.00 (10 pieces)

The TTC Silent Red is a cheaper (in some cases), less refined Cherry MX Silent Red. Whilst these TTC switches are scratchier, they are roughly 60p cheaper per switch than an MX Silent Red making them a decent alternative in the value conscious enthusiasts. They also have a unique silencing method that no other switch uses, apart from its tactile variant.

Here’s the video review if you prefer watching content:

Smoothness: 3/10

On-centre keypresses are scratchy even when typing at speed, but the faster you type, the less you notice it. It still isn’t very good though.

Off-centre keypresses feel very scratchy! It’s up there as one of the scratchiest MX style switches. It’s even worse than the Kailh Red, and that’s one the worse MX style switches out there.

Overall, I wouldn’t use these without any modifications. Perhaps lubing these may help, it should at least get rid of most of the scratchiness, but I doubt it would remove all of it.

TTC Silent Red disassembled
TTC Silent Red switch disassembled.

Weighting: 5/10

There is roughly 1.9mm of pre-travel, with the switch actuating at 45g at 2mm and a bottom out force just under 60g at 3.7mm of total travel. The switch has an identical total travel to the MX Silent Red at 3.7mm. However, the switch feels much lighter than the manufacturer force curve suggests. I don’t find the overall weighting to be too light; it’s not my liking by any means, but a heavier spring would’ve been ideal for me.

Sound: 5/10

Even though you hear the scratchiness when you type slowly, it’s not a bad sounding switch. It’s a little louder than the MX Silent Red, but it’s comparable to it. The unique silencing method is neither inferior or superior, and as far as I know, this is the only switch that uses it (not including the tactile variant).

Cherry MX Silent Red and Black stem
Cherry MX Silent Red and Black stem
TTC Silent Red stem

Typing Performance: 4/10

It’s mushier than a traditional, undampened switch. However, it isn’t as mushy as a modern rubber dome. You can still easily get to grips with this switch. In fact, I found this switch easier to get used to than the MX Silent Red. Don’t worry, it’s still has that ‘mechanical’ feeling.

The biggest downside is of course the scratchiness. There’s no hiding that it’s a scratchy ass switch. Perhaps, this is just the break-in period, but it hasn’t gotten any smoother in the two weeks I’ve been testing it…and I type a lot every day. Again, as mentioned before, try lubing these as that should help.

Gaming Performance: 5/10

The quiet nature of the switch makes for a great gaming experience and it’s really up to you to mod your keyboard to best suit the switch in this regard. Also, you won’t be annoying anyone if you’re the type to game late into the night. Big plus points here.

However, as mentioned throughout this review, the scratchiness is its biggest downside. This more noticeable in slower paced games like stealth games. The switch will constantly remind you how unrefined it is. It’s not bad in other scenarios though.

Final Score = 22/50 (44%)


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