Cherry MX Brown

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Switch Specifications:
Tactile | 4.00mm Travel | 45g Actuation | PCB or Plate Mount

Just no. If you’re looking for a tactile Cherry MX switch, this isn’t it. Look elsewhere, preferably at Gateron Browns or BOX Royals. This isn’t the worst, but it certainly not worth the price either.

Here’s the video review if you prefer watching content:

Smoothness: 3/10

THE GOOD POINTS: Nothing noteworthy.
THE BAD POINTS: It’s up there with the worst tactile switches. In comparison to a Cherry MX Red, it’s worse and it’s likely to be the worst Cherry MX switch (I’ve yet to still try them all). It’s scratchiness is really its Achilles’ heel.

Cherry MX Brown switch macro shot
Zoomed-in switch shot.

Weighting: 4/10

THE GOOD POINTS: It’s a light, just barely tactile switch.
THE BAD POINTS: Overall? Badly weighted. I find it too light to type on. I’ve typed on similarly weighted switches that have felt more “properly” weighted for its job…this isn’t one of those.

Sound: 4/10

THE GOOD POINTS: They sound better than rubber domes and a couple of really quiet low-profile switches.
THE BAD POINTS: Maybe it’s the keycaps on this switch that make them sound unfavourable? But I used some Tai-Hao PBT caps on these in the past, so I don’t believe so. I never really liked the sound of these switches.

Typing Performance: 4/10

THE GOOD POINTS: Typing on these is very comparable to typing on a really good rubber dome keyboard. Sometimes they rubber dome may even beat it.
THE BAD POINTS: These are not “tactile” enough to be of good use for any long periods of typing. Even I have made mistakes typing as the tactility is so light; it can hard to judge when you’ve actuated a keypress.

Cherry MX Brown switch RGB
Transparent housing for RGB lighting.

Gaming Performance: 6/10

THE GOOD POINTS: The strongest point of the switch. It’s tolerable for some gaming. As 80% of what I did with this switch was game on it, I didn’t find a major issue. However, I wouldn’t use it in competitive/serious gaming setting of any sort.
THE BAD POINTS: Smoothness is what you should be feeling for when looking to purchase a “gaming switch”, this shouldn’t be on your list. It will do a decent job, but it won’t do a fantastic job. And for the price, there are better options in the market for you.

Final Score = 42/100


Places to purchase this switch:

Mechboards | KBDfans | NovelKeys


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