Feker Panda

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Switch Specifications:

Switch Type: Tactile
Mount Type: Plate Mount
Force: 67g Operating
Price: ~£17.30 (35 pieces)

The Feker Panda is a tactile switch clone of the Invyr Holy Panda and they can usually only be found on AliExpress. They also cost significantly cheaper with 70 pieces costing around $35 compared to $85 for the for real Holy Pandas. Plus, you can usually grab 35 pieces for smaller builds. So, the fake pandas are cheaper and a little more flexible when it comes to options.

Also, I won’t be discussing any ethical viewpoints and whatnot in this review. That’s its own separate topic that I can cover another time. This will just be a review of the switches.

Here’s the video review if you prefer watching content:

Smoothness: 8/10

On-centre keypresses are ultra-smooth. There’s almost zero scratchiness even on slower keypresses. It’s honestly impressive.

Off-centre keypresses are very smooth with only a couple of switches exhibiting noticeable levels of scratchiness on slower keypresses, but these cannot be felt when normally typing.

Overall, these are impressively smooth switches and one I can highly recommend to others. Not bad for a number 2 switch (yes, that’s a Formula 1 reference).

Feker Panda switch disassembled
Feker Panda switch disassembled.

Weighting: 8/10

According to one of the many AliExpress listings, these switches are said to have an actuation force of 67g.

However, this listing from Keybumps suggests a 58g actuation. The switch is also said to have a 2mm pre-travel and 4mm total travel.

With that said, I don’t have any force curves to show you, but I can say that it doesn’t feel like it actuates at 67g. These feel much lighter than that. Keybumps’ specs are a bit more accurate at a 58g actuation, but I can’t be 100% certain without a force curve.

Now, in terms of key feel, just like the Glorious Panda (which is another Holy Panda competitor), these don’t have any pre-travel which I appreciate. Surprisingly, the tactility is crisper and cleaner feeling in comparison, but I’d still say that these are a little too light for me in the tactility area.

Overall, these are very nicely weighted. If you’re looking for a switch with a medium-ish tactile bump and are on a budget. Add these to your basket.

Sound: 7/10

These clack about as much as the Glorious Panda, maybe slighter more. However, the Feker Pandas are noticeably louder when I tested them side-by-side. Some may like this, some may not. Take a listen for yourself between the two videos!

The Feker Pandas also don’t exhibit any spring ping nor do they sound tinny, but this is a very small difference in my book.

Overall, they’re very solid sounding switches. I can even see them taking modifications well given they’re Holy Panda inspired.

Typing Performance: 8/10

It’s smooth and crisp. It had none of the mushiness the Glorious Panda exhibited and it larger keys returned with no issues. The pleasant typing experience was not a surprise.

The spring is also different. Unlike both the Glorious and the Holy Panda, the Feker Panda has a two-stage spring (disassembled pic above) which may have contributed to a more comfortable typing experience.

NOTE: I will say that some people who have used these have had issues with them, though I haven’t with mine. So, there are bound to be some that won’t perform as highly as mine did. Inconsistencies are present. Keep that in mind.

The weighting is the only real downside which I wouldn’t even consider to be all that bad, I just prefer switches to be on the heavier side when I type. These are still very comfortable switches regardless.

Overall, these are a step above the Glorious Panda. I recommend to purchase these instead.

Gaming Performance: 10/10

These are top-tier switches for gaming.

They are tactile enough when I needed them to be, and the weighting is perfect for both fast and slow-paced games. It wowed me during my first impressions and I am still wowed by them after 2 weeks of use.

Not to mention, these are also smooth, consistent and reliable which for a fake switch is an incredible achievement given that they’re also on the budget side of things.

Overall, they’re impressive if you couldn’t already tell. These will now be my go-to switches for gaming.

Final Score = 41/50 (82%)


Places to purchase this switch:

AliExpress | Keybumps | Happy Keyboards

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