TTC Gold V2 Brown

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Switch Specifications:
Tactile | 4.00mm Travel | 50g Actuation | Plate Mount

Definitely a clear improvement over Cherry MX Brown switches. It isn’t anything revolutionary though. Pricing is around $4 for 10 switches (a little more than Cherry switches), but I still expected better performance. As of writing this article, you can purchase these from NovelKeys for a heavily reduced price.

Here’s the video review if you prefer watching content:

Smoothness: 5/10

THE GOOD POINTS: It’s smoother than a Cherry MX Brown, but it’s still average.
THE BAD POINTS: Smoother switches such as a Gateron Brown (including the silent variant) outclass this switch; not by much, but it’s noticeable. So, if you’re in the market for a smooth tactile switch…this isn’t the one (unless you like to experiment with lube).

TTC Gold V2 Brown switches
TTC Gold V2 Brown switches in different angles.

Weighting: 6/10

THE GOOD POINTS: I made less typing errors with this switch in comparison to Cherry MX Browns. If you’re coming from a lighter tactile switch, then these may be a nice small upgrade.
THE BAD POINTS: I still find these too light for my taste and I still prefer heavier switches. I see the appeal for these switches, but I’m not the target audience for it. They also don’t sell these in other weightings, so you’re out of luck for those choices.

TTC Gold V2 Brown switches zoomed-in
TTC Gold V2 Brown switches disassembled.

Sound: 5/10

THE GOOD POINTS: They have a deeper sound compared to Cherry MX Browns, so that’s an automatic +1.
THE BAD POINTS: There is a loud, quite annoying ping that comes from the spacebar and the backspace. I didn’t have this issue with the Gateron Blacks a month ago, so it definitely is the switch.

TTC Gold V2 Brown switches zoomed-in
TTC Gold V2 Brown switches zoomed-in.

Typing Performance: 5/10

THE GOOD POINTS: Again, it barely beats out the Cherry MX Brown, coming in with another average performance.
THE BAD POINTS: I wish it was smoother and more tactile. That’s it. It would’ve been a good, if not, a decent tactile switch for typing if that was the case.

Gaming Performance: 6/10

THE GOOD POINTS: The ONLY real difference when gaming is the fact that these switches are slightly more tactile than a Cherry MX Browns, they even have the same 4.00mm travel and 2.0mm actuation distance. Basically, the feel like the same switch when gaming.
THE BAD POINTS: Even with all the improvements in other categories, gaming performance doesn’t change. This switch honestly didn’t change my gameplay in a noticeable way, at least not in a way where I can confidently pick up the difference and say the ups and/or downs. That is why it scores the same as Cherry MX Browns.

Final Score = 27/50 (54%)


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